Sunday, August 10, 2014

Clearwater Travel RV Resort - Clearwater, FL Aug 9 Ray

Saturday, August 9, 2014
Clearwater Travel RV Resort - Clearwater, FL  - 79 degrees and mostly sunny to 93 degrees and partly sunny. The temperature range is small (15 degrees)  but the “feels like” temperature is always above the temperature, so it never “feels like” it cools off overnight.

A friend Ray (and his wife Cookie) I used to work with here in Tampa came over for a visit. Ray and I talked over old times when we both drove all over Florida delivering. Bonnie and Cookie had a good time talking also, as they keep in touch on face book. After visiting for a while we went to lunch down the street from the RV park.

Latter in the afternoon Bonnie and I took a ride in Tan Jan to a RV store on east side of Tampa. I was able to get whit I was looking for and Bonnie found a single cup coffee maker “we needed” to have. Coming back to Buster we detoured to a “new” Walmart, (inspection you know). After all that I got to watch the NASCAR race from Watkins Glenn NY.


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