Saturday, August 23, 2014

Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas - Aug 21 & 22 - Hot

Thursday, August 21, 2014
 Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas - 78 degrees humid (93%) with a 6 MPH breeze and hazy sunny to 102 degrees and hazy sun wind at 18 to 23 mph.

Just mundane in and out gate traffic today and heat.

Friday, August 22, 2014
Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas - 80 degrees humid (83%) with a 8 MPH breeze and mostly cloudy to 100 degrees and hazy sun with winds to 23 MPH.

With the afternoon temperature and wind it is like a blow torch on my legs (shorts on you know) but the wind and heat is raising a problem tripping the gate alarm sensor and alerting me to nothing coming in the gate. The sensor is picking up the “pucker brush” swaying in the wind. The scrub is over a hundred feet away and I have tried to reposition the sensor but I have not found the right spot yet to eliminate the false alarms.

I made a round robin drive to Tilden and Pleasanton ninety-one miles to dump our garbage and purchase groceries and drinking water. There is no trash trailer on the site so we have to transport our own garbage. I picked up BBQ for dinner, Brisket an cole Slaw, after a big traveling day for me and a short sleep day for Bonnie not making dinner is a treat.

The picture is the flair burning of gas from the well site, here there three burning at some times. This is taken from a half mile away.

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