Friday, August 15, 2014

Lakeside RV Park Livingston, Louisiana - Aug 14

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Summerdale, AL - Rainbow Plantation 73 degrees and mostly sunny.
Bonnie and I got things put away hooked up Tan Jan and were on the road after nine-thirty. It is a slow ride back up to interstate ten and then slow around Mobile as there is a tunnel that interstate ten passes thru that Buster cannot ride thru because of the propane gas bottle.
Buster at Rainbow Plantation

There is a hazardous cargo route to follow around the north side and back to interstate ten. I had a plan for two different stopping places for tonight one further than the other. That one is small only twenty-five sites and there was no room for Buster tonight.
Buster at Rainbow Plantation

I 10 west Mobile Bay

I called the closer one and they had a spot for tonight. When I changed the GPS I put in the wrong address and went too far and had to u-turn an back up seven miles.

Lakeside RV Park Livingston, Louisiana - 91 degrees and sunny. A nice fishing camp with all concrete camp sites. Continuing west I called our gate guard company and we have a gate site for Wednesday next week. I had sent an e-mail late last week letting them know we were headed west to their area looking for a gate Tuesday t here was an e-mail offering a gate.

Lakeside RV Park

Lakeside RV Park

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