Friday, August 1, 2014

Kingsland, Georgia - two air conditioners repaired

Friday, August 1, 2014
Jacksonville, FL  - 75 degrees and mostly sunny to 93 degrees and partly sunny.

Around noon I checked with the office parts were out for delivery (UPS), but that was a story also for yesterday. Around three- three-thirty another check, and then a new thermostat and two controllers arrived just after four o’clock, Yea. We left the repair shop and ended up getting a bite to eat.

Today with the new telephone I downloaded the APP for Passport America, very easy looking for RV parks close by. I was not near the computer when we were trying to make that decision of where to park tonight.

Then made plans for tonight, deciding that here in Kingsland was the best choice for the night (shortest drive to get out of the city). We went north about twenty-two miles on interstate ninety-five
Buster at Kiki RV Park

Kingsland, Georgia - Kiki RV Park - 93 degrees and partly sunny.
Bonnie and I will push off for Clearwater tomorrow morning. Tonight Buster is cooling off with three air conditioners working.

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