Monday, August 11, 2014

Clearwater Travel RV Resort - Clearwater, FL Aug 10

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Clearwater Travel RV Resort - Clearwater, FL - 78 degrees and mostly sunny to 92 degrees and partly sunny.

There was another morning rain shower today, yesterday going to east Tampa there was a heavy rain shower (probably measurable rain for a small area) while Tan Jan was going east on interstate four. There was another while coming back to Buster, all these showers are very local and do not cover a any large area. Going over to Tampa the interstate has some construction but no traffic slowdowns because of that construction eastbound. We did notice in the westbound lanes the construction had traffic tied up for few miles and decided that was not the way to go back to Buster. In the morning picture the sun is shining but a little while later there was a minute of rain shower.
Sunday sunrise
Today I have changed my plan and will not  go north on US 19 from here at Clearwater Travel RV Resort. Buster will travel back over the Courtney Campbell Causeway to the Sun Coast Parkway (toll) and north to the end. There was some construction but the thought of the traffic and traffic lights has changed my mind. It will be easier to drive Buster a steady speed for me and better fuel mileage for Buster.

Alice & Bonnie

Bonnie and I went to Alice’s this afternoon, Kari and Kelly were there also (her daughters). There was a heavy rain shower and clearing after. It has been a nice visit and will miss everyone until next time we come to Florida.

Karri & Kelly

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