Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas - Aug 26 - silence

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Buster’s Gate - Calliham, Texas - 75 degrees humid (95%) and mostly sunny to 102 degrees and hazy sun 34% humidity with winds of 9 MPH.

The generator rental company came and replaced the generator today, they were supposed to come and replace the fuel hose and a ground fault receptacle yesterday. I called the generator company about five last night, listening to a small song and dance routine before he said they will be here in the morning to replace the generator.

Bonnie was up early for a trip exploring Tilden, TX getting her own look of the town.

I think I have finally found the key to the false alarms, the entry gate sensor was set to a sensitive setting. The are two switches inside for range and sensitivity. I was having trouble finding the manual on line, got it this afternoon and having a better life with almost no false alarms. There are still some false alarms but nothing like before. The false alarms seemed to happen as the heat of the day came on to high between eleven
and five was when the number of false alarms were unbelievable. This afternoon life was good, silence.

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