Thursday, September 15, 2016

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Sept 13

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Morning 73 Degrees, Wind variable at 1 to 10 Mph, Humidity 92%, sunny.
Afternoon 99 Degrees, Wind NNE at 4 to 12 Mph, Humidity 39%, Scattered Clouds.

Sand trucks coming in the gate this morning and fracking company trucks this afternoon. Yesterday the trucks that store and handle the sand had come in and been placed at the well site. Also a trailer with chemicals, (pallet size containers) was parked.

Mighty Mule
I am having trouble with the driveway sensors alerting me to vehicles coming in and leaving our gate area. My sensor is good range of transmitting a signal about a half mile I am using that for out going vehicles. But there are two problem areas with that sensor one speeding vehicles there is no signal and heat/wind send false warning signals. With real or false signals from where i sit  in the passengers seat I can look out Buster’s left side windows for vehicles and still be out the door and to the gate in good time. Those windows are on the east side of Buster and i have an awning there to keep the sun out. But the speeders no signal are a different story. Sometimes I can tell there is a vehicle engine idling out side. Other times a horn works well. I have one Mighty Mule (we had two last time here at this gate) but I cannot get it to work?

Mighty Mule sensor laying n the ground

 Last time I had the transmitter in a orange cone and this time no cone, so I am using a box to support the transmitter and the sensor just lays on the ground. When it works it’s very good as there are no false signals it takes a vehicle to cause and alarm signal. The six hundred foot range of the transmitter is the limiting factor for me. I have tried three locations two on the far side of the road and one on the near side with no luck. The gate guard company gave us two sets of Bunker Hill sensors again limited range (six hundred feet for the transmitter) but they pickup every moving thing around. Outside the gate I have to be careful how I position the sensor so we do not get the vehicles going past the gate on the road. They have two volume levels and we use the lower as the upper level is too loud. This is all a work in progress.

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