Friday, September 30, 2016

JD's Nueces River Park - Cotulla, TX Sept 28 - 29

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Morning 66 Degrees, Wind NW at 2 to 4 Mph, Humidity 91%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 88 Degrees, Wind N at 2 to 4 Mph, Humidity 56%, overcast.

Well they were here late last night (Tuesday) as my wife let them out after I went to bed. Work started later this morning and completed early (by late morning) and they started leaving the gate. There are some more equipment pickups to be made today and we close the gate tomorrow morning. I will start preparing Buster to move today. Latter in the afternoon the last two vehicles were in to complete their equipment pickup.

Cattle across the dirt road

I did have a cattle show again tonight with them show themselves coming out of the brush behind Buster five total grazing there. After awhile one stayed there “looking” while the other four came to Busters side of the dirt road to graze. But when the “looker” had enough and started walking towards Busters right side the others stopped grazing and followed. We wil miss the cattle shows.

crossing the road to graze

Looking out the door as they go back into the brush

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Thursday, September 29, 2016
Morning 76 Degrees, Wind variable, calm to 1 Mph, Humidity 90%, overcast to partly sunny.

I was up my normal time and was out doing the rest of the outside preparations to move Buster after sun up. They came and got the ground tank for our waste water and then our company man came for the generator trailer. Now we waited with crossed communication. I thought we were all set to hand over the lock and key for the gate at ten o’clock and we were ready. After calling it turned out that the gauger was coming at noon and arrived fifteen minutes early. During our wait I backed Buster into the dirt road and connected Tan Jan to the tow bar and we were completely ready to go. This morning a propane truck came and I let him in telling the driver we might not be there when he comes out but we were and let him out.  We headed north to Cotulla.

JD's Nueces River Park - Cotulla, TX
Afternoon 93 Degrees, Wind E at 7 to 8 Mph, Humidity 30%, mostly sunny.
We took Buster north on TX 16 to Freer then US 59 west to TX 44 taking that over to Interstate 35. There was re-paving project underway for about twenty miles that we sat for ten minutes waiting the eastbound traffic. I decided to pass the exit for the RV Park and go to the next exit and put diesel fuel in Buster ($2.219) let him set with a full tank. The next exit was only one mile but, there is another re-paving project and that exit was closed so another four miles to exit. Not really long drive today one hundred sixty-four miles ten more than it should have been with fueling we were parked in the camp site about three-thirty.

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