Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Aug 29 -30

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Monday, August 29, 2016
Morning 76 Degrees, Wind E variable, calm to 1 Mph, Humidity 90%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 94 Degrees, Wind  at  to  Mph, Humidity 47%, Scattered Clouds.

Started like the past few days with the gauger - pumper in about six-thirty, he checks the wells and compressor station and orders trucks for the water, oil and propane removal. A water truck was in a little latter for two loads of water going out. Then the call to close the gate tomorrow morning. So we are packing and planning our trip to Pleasanton, Texas with next Tuesday going to the doctor. With that news the packing and moving preparations picked up to move Buster out tomorrow.

Busters Gate Jim Hogg County TX - Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Morning 76 Degrees, Wind N at 3 to 5 Mph, Humidity 91%, overcast.

I was up early as usual finishing our preparation to depart the gate today. The overcast morning made for comfortable conditions while working outside also keeping Buster cool.

Buster left the gate with Tan Jan in tow after ten-thirty headed north to Pleasanton on TX 16 a skinny two lane road.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park
Afternoon 84 Degrees, Wind E at 5 to 6 Mph, Humidity 70%, mostly sunny.

We arrived here just after two in the afternoon. Texas sixteen is ok, but there are some bumpy miles over all it is a good road with low traffic. The shortest route with the trip one hundred sixty five miles from gate to RV park. Driving north we drove into rain giving Buster a good rinse. Tan Jan being towed behine took a dirty bath with the wheel spray and rain, car wash for tomorrow.

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