Monday, October 4, 2010

Buster got Dished

Oklahoma City
 Sunday, October 3, 2010
43 degrees & sunny this morning and went to 77 degrees and sunny, nice day in the sun. Buster drove 123 miles today and took a big drink 84 gallons of diesel fuel coming into Oklahoma city. Busters first drink since Sioux City, South Dakota, as I was watching fuel price on the computer fifteen cents a gallon less near Oklahoma city. Normally I do not go that long between refills but Buster does have the range to accomplish that. If you inlarge the Oklahoma City picture you can see the ground dish used for the last time and the King Dome on Buster in the picture, just prior to removal.

Dish on target
Well buster got Dished in Oklahoma city. The King dome on top of Buster was removed and a Dish TV Exposed Dish with three LNB's capable of finding three satellites was installed. The King Dome removed at best could find only one at a time. With Dish service basic programing is on two satellites and using the DVR would not be an option with King Dome. We now has the capability to upgrade to HDTV in the future. Ten minutes time after pushing the power on button for two seconds that is great operation. I have a card to place in the drivers area signifying the dish is up and do not drive. The stowed position is LNB bar back (aft) and the dish lays over the LNB bar.       

Busters Dish

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