Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Ranch Water Pond

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico 50 degrees sunny & clear to 82 degrees. Monthly Town Hall meeting for leaseholders took up the rest of the morning. This is where leaseholders can vent to other about anything that is bothering them. Finished washing Buster except for the left front wheel.

The Fenced Pond
The co-op president requested that all outside water, washing vehicles with hose, be stopped until the water level in the waist water pond decreases. The Fenced Pond is on the right in above picture.

Only 70 percent of the water pumped from the wells is used in the park the other 30 percent goes into the waist pond, the reverse osmosis filter system is this reason. Another cause is water leaks and there were a few over the summer that were hard to find. These are known facts as there is a meter registering the quantity of water removed from the well and thirty percent of that goes to the pond as all water used in the park is reverse osmosis (RO) water. In the pond they have added aerators to encourage evaporation but the rainy summer also brought high humidity (glad I was not here then) inhibiting evaporation. Other rule grievances were discussed. About two hours of town hall then off to Artesia, NM for the Chile Chapter #23 luncheon 28 members attending. Chile Chapter # 23 is a state wide regional Escapees club the has monthly lunches and mini rally's this year we are staying close and going to the Brantley Lake State Park five miles down the road for a three day camp in November.

George at the fire

In the evening at seven there was a sire ring and one lot with a large turnout for a surprise Birthday party for one of the ladies. (Seated in the picture, Yvonne, Dean, Melody, George)

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