Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ranch - TV - Happy hour

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico 46 degrees clear & sunny to 82 degrees today.
The big trip out today was a Post Office run (about one mile) for mail and there was some mail to be had. I only go two days a week to check.
Lakewood, NM Post Office 88254
I also worked in side the televison box. Where the original TV was installed, this requires removing the 37 inch from the bracket, disconnecting wires and placing it in the chair. This is much easier than the original as the weight is 25 pounds to 60 pounds before for the original tv. Since we have had Buster we have changed all three tube type televisions to flat thin LCD television. I needed to put the satellite 110 AC into a different receptacle and trim the board that the tv bracket is attached to.

Dress the wires some and find twelve volt DC power for the "bat wing antenna". This is a booster when we are looking for over the air network television. Never did find any live power (twelve volts) for that booster.

Front TV
After Happy Hour we went to Artesia with Don & Doris for dinner. When we returned to the Ranch House the "Train" ran with the Boys victorious again. That sunroom also has a video library for use by any camper with both DVD and VCR tape available to use and return.

Sunroom Videos

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