Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Ranch

Friday, October 22, 2010
The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico West of the Pacos River 46 degrees to cloudy 72 breezy.
We went to Roswell to do some shopping and had lunch there. I returned a call from Carole, while waiting for Bonnie outside a store. Carole phone went to message and after shopping she called us while we were having lunch. My telephone rang just after Bonnie was talking about the person two tables away behind her, that people talking on the telephone in restaurants are talking loud trying to be impressive. We had a nice talk, Bonnie too. We did cup our mouth and the telephone to control our voices.

Look who is selling Coke

In Roswell there is a museum and Research center for the UFO sightings and alien's. In the 1930's this area was a test site for liquid fueled rocket experiments by Robert Goddard and a museum is there to honor that experimental site.
UFO Museum
The museum is currently located in an old movie theater down town and the museum has property north of town for a new building. In the picture the city is replacing the concrete at the edge of the road and that is the reason for the yellow tape that is in the picture.

The train (domino's) was three against two, girls to boys. Even with one of our boys working late today we prevailed in the train game. When playing this way and one of the boys go out the remaining tiles in one of the girls hands are not counted and that rotates as hands are played double twelve down to double blank.

Trinket stores are the other pictures here today and they are walking distance from the museum.

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