Monday, October 4, 2010


Friday, October 1, 2010 - Saturday, October 2, 2010
Friday, October 1, 2010
Nebraska City, Nebraska 55 degrees clear to Lyndon KS nice day 77 degrees & sunny, 147 miles of travel today. In mapping the trip for today there was conflicting information between MS streets & trips and Garmin. Turns out that the location pin for the campground is not correct on the MS S & T software. This is the second one I noticed in as many weeks.

2010 for Buster traveling in new states, adding seven new to Buster states to the map. Buster has traveled thru and stayed over night in twenty seven states. Kentucky now has a friend as we seen to bypass Kentucky, Wisconsin also has gotten into that bypass mode creating a group of states Buster has traveled around and not thru. It just happens as our plans change we do not notice that until latter a state has been bypassed. This bypassing is not a planned event by the result of our plan to get somewhere in a time and that does seem to be the limiting thing.

South Haven, Kansas
Saturday, October 2, 2010
54 degrees breezy and sunny. Breezy to windy all day from the north - northeast and to 70 degrees and with the wind not very nice. Rolling hills south if Emporia on interstate 35 Kansas turnpike, Buster & Sally cost $12.75 for that turnpike trip. Buster took us to South Haven, Kansas for the nights rest. 168 miles today putting us closer to Oklahoma City and the installation of Buster's new dish antenna. The King dome will come off and an exposed folding dish with three LNB's for the three dish satellites #'s 110, 119 & 129 will be installed, Wineguard Traveler 1000 Dish. Since we have had the tripod dish I have set the antenna 133 times in that many locations with two major blow overs damaging the arm and the dish. The blow overs resulted in refining the tie down method, an evolution from nothing to tent stakes with ropes in triangulation, and safety's on the rope adjusters the last addition. And they were used tonight for the wind was here in Kansas. Tomorrow is the last one yea. Buster will park on the west side of Oklahoma City in Council Road Campground and our installer will meet us there. the black dome in the picture will be removed.

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