Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday at The Ranch

Saturday, October 16, 2010
The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico 46 degrees clear & sunny to 80 degrees today and in the afternoon some clouds. This has been the best fall we have had here, our third.

Desk looking forward & left

 I like to use a mouse pad and not the touch pad that comes with a laptop computer. I have been struggling by moving the computer and fitting in the mouse pad on the right edge. Bonnie does use the touch pad and is mostly happy with that. I came up with this using a piece of thin plywood that extends the sides and when Buster moves I can store that plywood beside the drivers chair. This gives me more room to place the camera when downloading pictures to the computer.  In the picture you can see we found a good place for Merry's bed with two windows to look out. Merry is very comfortable there as you can see she can watch whats going on from there or sleep.
The site across the road from Buster
 Well I have at lease verbally told some that we live here in side a cattle ranch, well here they are today strutting their stuff and doing a normal cow thing, eating grass. Plenty to find today as there was a lot of rain here this summer. Our land for the co-op was purchased from the rancher who has 8,000 acres for beef cattle. The cattle make very few sounds so there are no noisey neighbors.

In front of Buster

Buster"s Sunset

Today I was able to capture a sunset looking west from Buster's front. The big tree in the center is the same tree seen in the picture on top today. You can see the Buster's windshield & wiper on the left edge of the picture.

Buster's Lights
This evening I was able to get a picture of the rope lights we use around buster and I have laid a string under Silver Sally where we drive in and out. In the picture Sally's are not turned on I have a clicker for the on & off of those. Buster's lights are on a timer for dusk to dawn. The picture is looking south & east.

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