Saturday, October 9, 2010

Escapee The Ranch

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buster at The Ranch
Sunset  at The Ranch
The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico 54 degrees clear & sunny up to 81 degrees. Bonnie worked inside & George worked outside & inside when allowed. I picked up a televison I had ordered and sent here to The Ranch for us. That was my only inside work, except the computer, I installed the new TV in the bedroom. That TV I moved out side to the side box and removed the outside TV weighing 35 pounds tube type, installing the one from the bedroom in the side box. The new bedroom TV is a Sharp 22 inch LCD flat screen HD. I put the new one inside only because inside is used more. Cleaned out the tool compartment and I need to go through every compartment in addition to washing Buster. Set out the " mice lights" here at the ranch we lay rope lights around the rigs on the ground. The lights keep pack rats from destroying the wiring. When a vehicle is parked they chew on the insulation on spark plugs and other wire. Went to Wally World and purchased some bath soap for Buster as what I had would not remove the oil spots Buster got on Monday.  

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