Friday, October 8, 2010


Monday, October 4, 2010

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, OK 43 degrees and sunny to 74 degrees with breezy wind for Buster. Traveled 248 miles today arriving in Amarillo, Texas. What an easy setup today without having to set a tripod dish. One touch of the power on button for about two seconds and in less than eight minutes we have a television program. While that was powering and locating the satellites I was doing the leveling and connecting hoses. I will get a picture with the dish stowed when we leave Tuesday morning.

Buster got Oiled today, a truck tractor passed us while traveling into Amarillo and a thick trail of blue smoke was coming out the exhaust stack. Bonnie commented to me about the smoke and I responded that the color indicated that oil was probably coming from a leaking seal in the turbo bearing. Not long after passing Buster the truck slowed and exited the interstate, during the deceleration the blue smoke stopped, more indication of the seal leak. That is about the time I noticed these spots appearing on the windshield. I did not try to wash the windshield in motion but waited until the campground and that is when I realized Buster got Oiled. The oil black sooty type was all over the windshield and Buster creating a big wash job when we get Buster Setup at The Ranch in Lakewood, New Mexico.

New Dish
I tried here but the soap & wax product I was using did not cut the oil.

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