Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ranch - Happy hour

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kitchen - Meetingroom
The Ranch Lakewood New Mexico 50 degrees sunny & clear to 81 degrees very nice day with light breezes. Mens coffee this morning (in the Ranch House) with donuts and lots of talk about every thing from what we are going to what happened in the past and what is going on here at The Ranch. We push a couple of tables together and fresh donuts are brought from Artesia, NM there is a coffee machine in the kitchen.
The Ranch House
I am chairman of the building & safety committee and when someone wants to add or change a shed on their lot they submit a change request and at least two committees are involved. Well yesterday myself and another committee member after mens coffee looked over a shed that had a metal roof installed and new doors added.
I was the "ding a ling" for a second night and another task of that "job" is to ask one of the lady lease holders to "volunteer" to follow me (be the "ding a ling" ) for the next two nights and she will ask for a male to do the same.
The "Train" is running well for the "Boys" (domino's) undefeated this month. We play the domino's in the ranch house "sun room" . The third couple that we play train with is still traveling here to the Ranch and will be here soon.
Ranchhouse Sunroom
Train "runs" on one of these tables.

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