Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4, 2011
Straughn, Indiana - New Lisbon Family Campground, 62 degrees mostly sunny to 89 degrees and mostly sunny.
Buster parked Straughn, Indiana
Buster has covered over five hundred and eighty miles so it is time for a rest a day. Well Silver Sally needed a new shoe, today getting in the car the left rear tire looked low on air, best place to go was Walmart tire and lube. There was a small finishing nail on the outside tread area. This tire had been patched already  (May 16) and it’s tread was half used, as measured today. The tire man said the hole was outside the patch allowable area. That tire had 47,872 miles on it driving and being towed by Buster Brown. The evening was nice to sit outside talking with new neighbors that arrive today they are from Arkansas.
Our cat Merry outside
They are also cat people (2) with a pickup truck and a travel trailer.

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