Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black River Falls, Wisconsin - Parkland Village Campground

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Jefferson, Wisconsin - Bark River Campground 63 degrees partly foggy, to cloudy morning. Buster goes to work again today as we travel northwest towards the twin cities of Minnesota.
Buster at Bark River Campground
Tonight we stopped in Black River Falls, Wisconsin - Parkland Village Campground 73 degrees and partly sunny, what a loverly afternoon. We got on the road at shortly after nine as Busters holding tanks needed dumping, the campsite we had was water and electric (50 amp) only. The day planned was dump holding tanks, drive the interstates, get Buster a drink of diesel fuel and drive again then stop in Fairchild, Wisconsin.
Interstate 90 entering another construction area
That second drive did not happen, after fueling there was a casino, campground and Walmart all in one place (within two miles driving for Silver Sally) who could resist not stopping here for the night as we had one hundred sixty seven miles covered for the day, we are done for the day even tho it is early afternoon.

We had dinner at the casino and picked up a few things at Walmart. There were numerous construction areas on the interstate highways and also on Wisconsin state roads and there is a shorter "construction season" here in Wisconsin.

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