Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Piedmont, South Dakota - Elk Creek RV Park

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Sturgis, South Dakota - Sturgis RV Park, 65 degrees partly sunny. We got up latter today and slowly got Buster ready to move down the road. Roger and Barbra gave us such a wonderful tour of the keystone area and finding the Buffalo heard was another high point of the tour.

Buffalo going to cool off and drink
Piedmont, South Dakota - Elk Creek RV Park 86 degrees mostly sunny.
Buster’s trip today was a short one only seventeen miles southeast from Sturgis. Today and tomorrow is preparing for the Escapees Elks birds of a feather Rally here at the park and the area. I unloaded and consolidated boxes and a tote for the rally. our cat "Merry" an inside cat has been wanting to sit outside with us more and more.
Merry resting in a chair
Today some more pictures from Saturday’s drive and Sunday.
George consolidating pull Tabs collected for
donation to Ronald MacDonald House. note
Merry resting on the welcome mat enjoying the outside.

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