Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black River Falls, Wisconsin - Parkland Village Campground

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Black River Falls, Wisconsin - Parkland Village Campground, 46 degrees now that is what I am talking about and mostly sunny this morning. On the right side of the Blog I edited the map for Buster’s states visited adding Wisconsin and editing the wording. Our travels this year had added nothing new to the map, thus there was nothing to change for 2011 until we reached Wisconsin. Have you noticed there is sin in Wisconsin?
Buster parked at Parkland Village Campground
Apple Valley, Minnesota - Lebanon Hills Campground 76 degrees mostly sunny.
Buster arrived here just after one in the afternoon and while setting up there was no power to Buster’s satellite antenna box. There are many wires and plugs in that small compartment and I thought I touched on a plug type power supply that connected to the antenna and when I touched the power button on the box there was a power on light flash, but not again anytime I touched the button. When I started to remove that power supply, I realized that power supply was not the correct one, now I trace the wires and find the correct power supply and it is an in between wire power supply and the plug had dropped out of the power input side of the power supply, reinserting that everything works correctly.

Silver Sally was cleaned up, we got cleaned up and went to "MOA" Mall of America. Latter we went to Walmart and the one we picked has a large sowing section, Bonnie had fun checking material there. Back at the campground Buster was cleaned up.

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