Wednesday, August 31, 2011

view from the wife's side

I walked up to the cam-plex centre a good hike haven't measured the distance.
attended a seminar on blogging easy to do. that was at 1pm-2;30 the second one I attended was don't go without velcro learned new uses for velcro. that ran from 3-4pm
The ranch people met out front at 4;30 for car pool to the buffet. I've had better buffets. The fellowship was sweet. after that we got an ice cream for(me) then a block of ice for the cooler Played Mexican train with 2 of the people we play with at the ranch Don&Doris the boy's won.
       Rain was forcast today glad the weather man was wrong it's beautiful so far.
       Merry our(cat) isn't interested in going out here she's been sleeping alot.
       Each day the wed site informs us of the color to be worn today's is yellow or tan.many people don't have web air cards so don't have access to the web site. there is wi-fi in the centre but is over loaded.
       Today plan on the for ladies only seminar??? then later one on cooking on the road.

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