Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carlock, Illinois - Kamp Komfort RV Park

August 5, 2011

Straughn, Indiana - New Lisbon Family Campground, 68 degrees mostly sunny. Boy did that change after starting down the road today the weather changed to cloudy overcast, decent driving no rain or glare from the sun. stopped in Indianapolis for fuel what a mistake, there was construction at the exit and the signal allowed only one or two vehicles at a time from the ramp. Thought the price per gallon was good until reaching the pump then reality sets in when it is thirty cents more than expected.
I 70 Indiana
Carlock, Illinois - Kamp Komfort RV Park 88 degrees partly cloudy. A lot of traffic on interstate seventy and seventy four. A large portion of I 465 in Indianapolis is under construction, slow and congested driving with MY exit closed and detoured the the next exit and make a U turn to enter I 74 westbound.
George's Gray shirt
Today I wearing a gray shirt just picked thru a pile of shirts and gray felt good, gray day today. Latter at the campground we are getting ready to make a run to "Wally" and a bite to eat Bonnie puts on a "gray shirt". I have disconnected the tow bar from Solver Sally. Cannot remember why I went back to Buster for but Bonnie was putting on her shoes as I was leaving, so she she should be back to Silver Sally soon? I start the car and wait for Bonnie, finally mover the car around to the front of buster, the door opens slowly with Bonnie slowly coming out. Bonnie is on the telephone moving slowly to the car gets in and we start going while Bonnie continues on the telephone. Overhearing a while I now can tell it is Christine, telling what is happening there in North Carolna.
Bonnie's Gray shirt
Bonnie’s shirt is Ariana’s Bombs softball team, coincidence? Latter after eating in the restaurant washing my hands there is a mirror in front of me and there on my shirt above the pocket is a logo, I look close it said "Wilbur Smith" that is who Christine works for. So shortly after we both are wearing gray shirts that Christine got us she calls Bonnie’s telephone.

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