Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CAM-PLEX RV Park - Gillette, WY

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Piedmont, South Dakota - Elk Creek RV Park 66 degrees mostly sunny. Buster was packed up and on the road to Escapade, Gillette, Wyoming. Buster drives on into Gillette for a drink of diesel fuel, the first since Fargo, ND seven hundred miles ago. George pumped seventy-nine gallons into Buster. That is an average of 8.84 mpg not bad for the big boy.

Driving west on I 90 in Wyoming

We changed Buster’s states map today adding Wyoming coming to twenty-nine states now. I am late with this as there is no plan for Friday when we leave Gillette, WY. We are going to plan west to Yellowstone National Park, then when where unknown and to The Ranch, in Lakewood, NM
Buster parked at
 CAM-PLEX RV Parks - Gillette, WY 99 degrees and mostly sunny, and we are checked in and parked in the Boxelder camping area with 50 amp electric water and dump connection. We made connection with many escapee friends, from The Ranch, Elks BoF and others.

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