Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sturgis, South Dakota - Sturgis RV Park

Friday, August 19, 2011
Herreid, South Dakota - Camp 83, 52 degrees mostly sunny. What a day, we planned a long drive for us (of 266 miles) and another forty miles for a detour, WOW. One saving thing was time change to Mountain Daylight Time zone, gaining an hour of daylight. We departed just after ten A.M. from Camp 83 headed south for sixty miles then a right turn. Wrong, a detour there is water on the road ahead. Detour east twenty miles, now travel south the rest of thirty miles and detour west twenty miles and travel south thirty miles, one hundred miles to go south sixty miles. Going west on US 212 crossing the Missouri River and into Mountain Daylight Time zone, yea. Going down SR 79 you could see the black hills of South Dakota getting bigger and closer a very nice scenic drive today. In the picture below you can see the heavy weather we did stay away from. Buster did drive thru some rain along US 212 be the drive sixty miles south kept us out of the heavy stuff.
Buster parked at Camp 83
Crossing the Missouri River on US 212

Sturgis, South Dakota - Sturgis RV Park, 73 degrees partly sunny. Bonnie found that Roger and Beverly from The Ranch in Lakewood, NM are in Sturgis also and called them to say hello. Buster is parked only a mile and a half from them, thus we got together for the evening. Roger drove the four of us to the Silverado Casino in Deadwood, SD for dinner then a scenic drive around to Spearfish, SD. When we arrived back at their rig I noticed that a bus parked across the road was Bill and Janet who installed the Dish TV antenna on Buster.

Black Hills, SD

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