Friday, August 19, 2011

Herreid, South Dakota - Camp 83

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Jamestown, North Dakota - Frontier Fort Campground, 61 degrees mostly sunny.

We left around eleven thirty headed west on interstate ninety four for over an hour. 0ne area we passed thru, Crystal Springs, ND was emergency construction for water on the side of the road. Never thought of pictures here but did get pictures latter. In one area the westbound lanes were under water with all traffic using the eastbound lanes. (About sixty miles east of Bismark) The construction was raising the grade of the westbound lanes and diking all the travel area in the lake area. The map shows a lake about a half mile north of the road (I 94) and today the lake was on the south side also. There was bad flooding in Minot, ND this spring I herd this week the level is now down to just at flood stage.   

US 83 southbound
Herreid, South Dakota (population 482) - Camp 83 Campground, 91 degrees partly cloudy and windy with a front moving thru the area. Going south on US 83 there were more lakes and ponds flooding close to the road. The picture is of the water encroaching on the road.

There is nothing in this town except a campground for travelers. This town is really camping. Between four thirty and six thirty the front moved thru with wind and rain, just enough to make things wet.

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