Thursday, August 25, 2011

Piedmont, SD - Elk Creek RV Park

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Piedmont, South Dakota - Elk Creek RV Park 66 degrees partly cloudy to 98 degrees and mostly sunny. (To enlarge pictures; Click on pictures to enlarge, click return button (<) on your browser to return to post).

Escapees Elk BoF Camp
In the afternoon we had a good wind blowing from the north. I had put up the canopy and had a stake in the ground at each led of the canopy and the tiedowns also staked down at each corner. In between each north leg of the canopy I could feel the wind pushing against the X bracing between the legs. Latter I put a tie-down from a table to the center of the X brace A total of six rigs are here for the Escapees Elks C-BoF rally.

Vera and John
Yes it is low attendance and next week during the Escapees Escapade the Elks C-BoF will have our business meeting with a much larger representation of the membership in attendance expected.

Caroline, George and Gerry
Dwaine, John and George

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