Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011
Carlock, Illinois - Kamp Komfort RV Park 72 degrees cloudy. A short drive today compared to yesterdays 248 miles today’s 128 miles was be easy.

Rockford, Illinois - Blackhawk Valley Campground 88 degrees partly sunny. The overcast went away as the day went on.
Bonnie touching up Silver Sally
Took a ride to find a carwash for Silver Sally then to Walmart to get a birthday card for a Ranch hand in our Lakewood, NM park turning ninety next month. Bonnie also put some touch up on the tough spots.
Buster Brown & Silver Sally
Talked on the telephone with our niece Kim and we are having breakfast in the morning as Kim and Scott had plans for today. Then on to Jefferson, Wisconsin, we will see Art and Sherry our Mexican Train players from The Ranch in Lakewood, NM. We play Mexican Train there most evenings when there at The Ranch. Nine hundred fifty miles traveled this week from Moncure, NC to Rockford, Illinois.

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