Monday, August 8, 2011

Jefferson, Wisconsin - Bark River Campground

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Rockford, Illinois - Blackhawk Valley Campground 72 degrees cloudy rain shower.
Scott and Kim
Kim and Scott came to Buster and took us out to breakfast at White Pine State Park buffet. White Pine State Park is southwest of Black Hawk Valley Campground about 35 miles. Great food and great family time together. We are so glad to have the time with Scott and Kim as they are moving next week to Florida.
George and Bonnie
Buster worked only a short seventy seven miles today and he stopped for a drink of diesel fuel. In the above picture notice the spelling of teepee.

Jefferson, Wisconsin - Bark River Campground 84 degrees partly sunny. We are in a park that is mostly seasonal campers. While Art and Sherry are in a park that is only seasonal campers. After getting Buster parked and setup Silver Sally drove us to Art and Sherry’ campground. We know Art and Sherry from our Lakewood, NM campground "The Ranch". After visiting a while we went to Sullivan, Wisconsin for Broasted Chicken dinner. After dinner Mexican Train that the boys won.

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