Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crookston, Minnesota - Central Park Campground

Friday, August 12, 2011
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - Country Campground 64 degrees mostly cloudy. Buster drives further north and west today. Driving north into a light rain for a while to clearing.

Buster at Country Campground
Crookston, Minnesota - Central Park Campground 77 degrees and partly cloudy today. After getting Buster parked in central park (30 amp electric, is the only connection) Silver Sally took us over to Grand Forks, North Dakota about thirty miles further west from Crookston. We did not visit Grand Forks, last year and Bonnie wanted to see the change from years past.
The drive back to Crookston was a rainy one.
US 59 in Minnesota
Busters trip was 96 miles from Detroit Lakes to Crookston, Minnesota on US 59 and US 2 (a four-lane-divided highway) both in good repair. No Florida or North Carolina licence plates seen today. We did see enough Manitoba, Canada plate to almost think we are in Canada when we were in Grand Forks. It is only seventy five miles to the Canadian boarder.
Buster at Central Park
Crookston, MN

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