Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Max Meadows, VA

August 2, 2011
Max Meadows, VA 66 degrees this morning partly sunny.
Buster at Fort Chriswell RVPark

Jackson, Ohio Lazy Dog Campground 94 degrees hazy and partly sunny.

A longer than planned driving day as two campgrounds did not answer the telephone. I tried to find these campgrounds but the finding of the second one turned into an adventure with skinny roads that turned into dirt-gravel dusty roads for Buster and Silver Sally. Plan was to drive 192 miles to the top of West Virginia stopping there for the night changed to just into Ohio the Garmin GPS location was wrong. After spending fifteen miles on gravel road the campground was not there. Drove further down the road there was a narrow bridge, and what looked like enough room to turn around and go back. This would require disconnecting Silver Sally. As I started this a man came out from the house there. Talking with him this has happened before and we could continue and get back to paved roads. The campground I was looking for is owned by his in-laws. We ended the day with 274 miles traveled and a shorter than planned day tomorrow.

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